About us

Tour de Pamir is from 20 years the specialist of individual tourism in Pamir.
Tour de Pamir offers also,  for Tadjik people,services of taxi everywhere in the country, specialist of the road Dushambe/Khorog.

You can find Tour de Pamir on Facebook.

Tour de Pamir works with PECTA and MSDSP project AKF in respect of nature, culture, ecologie; we can propose many itineraries and activities, you can see 3 exemples on this website; but we can respect your wishes and make with you your own trip.

"Tour de Pamir" is a community based association of service providers aiming at the support of the development of tourist activities on the GBAO plateau (in the Pamirs), having a special focus on nature protection issues and income generating for the most vulnerable. Tourism is still in its infancy in Tajikistan, and the Pamirs are difficult to reach. As a result, is establishing "Tour de Pamir" a framework for developing tourism in the region. "Tour de Pamir" organizes tourist -excursion service for national and foreign tourists to the main attraction of the Pamirs.

"Tour de Pamir"
represents an exclusive opportunity to visit one of the most interesting mountain districts of our planet - Pamir (Tajikistan).
From year to year our highlands become more and more popular among tourists and travelers, who appreciate involving with the colorful places, the abundance of wild animals, vegetation and numerous hills where travel does is so pleasurable also provides an opportunity for rest. Material support: communication(connection), the equipment of travel, guides, translators, conductors,
cards(maps) etc Also acquaintance with the most interesting features of culture and a life of mountain Tajiks and wandering mountain кirgizs.

Site: the Office of the "Tour de Pamir" is in, Khorog in the Republic of Tajikistan. It has
a communication facility, including phone and E-mail.

Please contact us by mail: tourdepamir@yahoo.com
or phone: +992 935007557 and 502007557
manager: Ergash Fayzullobekov.
Khorog, GBAO, Tajikistan.