Vehicle promotionnal offers

Iin the beautiful mountains of the Pamirs,
why not go on a Jeep tour through the spectacular valleys of the high Pamirs. Tour De Pamir has experienced drivers and good vehicles for half day or day trips. We also offer trips of two or three days. Of course we’ll provide tents and great pamiri meals during our Jeep tours. See type of the vehicles with their costs:

Toyota Land Cruiser 105:   0,65 to 70 cents
Toyota Land Cruiser 100:   0,70 cents
Toyota Land Cruiser 80:     0,60 to 65 cents
Toyota Land Cruiser 75:     0,-55 to 60 cents
Mitsubishi Pajero :              0,55 to 60 cents
Mini bus Toyota:                 0,70 to 80 cents
Niva (Russian Jeep):           0,50 to 55 cents

Plus an additional 20$ per day for the drivers accommodations and meals. Prices are include petrol and car maintenance.