Tour de Pamir Jeep rentals

Going to Pamir Highway?
Looking for adventurous trips?
Would like to do in your-self?

Than you are on the right way...
Pamir Jeep Rentals has all of these.

We are the company that povides jeep renting service to Pamir Highway!
Rent a standard 4x4 SUV vehicles for your journey WITHOUT driver.
Self-driver journey is more CHEAPER and more INTRESTING!


 - We have various models of reliable Jeeps
 - We meet our client's wishes and work really hard to make the trip prefect.
 - Experienced managers, driveers and mechanics.
 - Discounts.
 - Route planning and ascort of tours.
 - Services of quide
 - Fully insured cars.
 - Hiring of car for one way as a just passengers.
 - Classical Jeep tours along Pamir with drivers.

Tour de Pamir Jeep Rentals offers you to rent a car in a maximum advantaged conditions and prices.
Our jeeps are fully insured and have a specialized agreement with insurance Company for crossing regional borders.
More renting days, more discounts...